We often see posts about how useful an outsourced HR company can be to SME’s who may not necessarily need someone in-house to do this role but still require some guidance and support.

The benefits to SME’s are clear, it saves money, it reduces stress, it is flexible, and it offers the expert advice and support that they need to safeguard and protect their business.

But for large companies with HR managers and teams, what do they get out of it? Is there a benefit to out-sourcing parts of their HR function?

Well, the average HR/staff ration is around 1:100, meaning that there is usually quite a lot on the plate of that one HR manager, from absence issues, contracts, paperwork, family issues, disciplinaries, recruiting, onboarding, performance management, training, learning and development . . . to name a few. As you can see, that’s a LOT.

If you look closely at HR, it can be broken into 2 categories with sub categories beneath that.

Transactional HR, and People HR.

Most people who work in HR have chosen to do so for a reason, and usually that reason is the People side of things. If you get a group of HR managers and in a room and start a discussion regarding engagement, workplace happiness, performance management or learning and development, you’ll usually see their faces light up as they start chatting excitedly about new and innovate processes and the value that people bring to a company. They will start bouncing ideas off each other and asking what they other do within their business so that they can grow and develop their own knowledge and strategies.

If on the other hand, you ask a group of HR people how the feel about overseeing annual leave requests and calculations, you are unlikely to get the same excited response. Now don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy that part of our jobs too, its just not the issue that gets us excited to head to work in the morning.

A lot more companies are aware of the importance of a properly engaged team, and as such have charged their HR managers with the task of developing a strategy. But what’s missing here?

What has been done to engage your HR staff? Your HR team spends all day trying to develop these frameworks to retain your top talent, who is focusing on them?

And that is where an outsourced HR company can help.

There is a myth that all we want to do is take the jobs of the in-house team, when the truth is quite the opposite, our aim is to support them, take away as much of the transitional HR issues that clog up most of their day, leaving them the time, energy and space to really focus on your people.

All too often we overlook our own HR staff when looking at engagement and retention, they are often overlooked and unsupported in some key areas.

They spend their lives looking after your people, isn’t it time to start looking after them?

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