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Our Company: Why Did We Create NewtonFirst?

NewtonFirst Employment Law and HR Services has been established in response to consistent
feedback from our valued clients, on our services already offered.
Simply put, we already offered core support, our existing clients loved that support, and they
wanted more of it.
We have created NewtonFirst to provide a formal first class market offering. The services we have
been providing are now grouped into packages, tailored exactly as clients want and need, and
includes experienced and committed solicitors and HR Mentors.
In an area where law constantly changes, where new legislation constantly develops,
and where a business must stay compliant, our services ensure that your company is
legally protected and supported.

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So, What Do We Actually Do?

We listen and respond. Our services are packaged to become your services. We tailor to your exactrequirements. Our level of involvement is determined by you. Our aim is to ensure your protection by removing or minimising potential risk.
NewtonFirst will assign a dedicated personal mentor as your main point of contact for professional, consistent and pragmatic advice on every manner of enquiry including those of a sensitive and difficult nature, safeguarding your organisation.
NewtonFirst will be your focused provider of excellence in HR Consultancy, offering a perfect mix of best practice and commercially focused advice, with you the client at the centre. We will be there for the immediate ‘here and now’ moments, through to wider strategic support. Well-being for your company and staff is a core aim. Additionally, our Analytics and Employee Engagement strategies will ensure that you continue to get the best from your staff team.

A Quick checklist

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    • Our fees and packages are tailored to suit your needs. That means that once agreed, they are fixed with no surprises or unexpected fees.
    • This service is important for Business owners, Directors and HR Management Professionals. We want to help you so you can focus on growing your business.
    • We don’t operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. Any documentation that we produce for you has been done with your business and its specific needs in mind.
  • HR issues can take valuable time away from your business. We are proactive with giving updates that focus on protecting your business. We know you don’t want to spend time away from the core of your business, and the focus of growth and success for your business.

We listen and respond. Our services are packaged to become your services

Employment Law and HR advice

All clients have instant access to our 24 hour advice line for peace of mind when it comes to dealing with daily “people” issues. Clients are encouraged to use this as often as possible, there is no query too big or small for our Mentors!

Dedicated Mentors

You will be matched with a personal Mentor who will make it their mission and purpose to fully understand your business. Your Mentor will be there to help with all aspects of HR and Employment Law as well maintain and build professional and personable relationships with you and your management team! Mentors are here to coach and lead you with your HR function.

HR HealthCheck

All new clients will benefit from our HR HealthCheck, this is an opportunity for us to access the current state of your HR function, benchmark, review and build an action plan on how best to move forward.

Employment contracts, policies and procedures

We develop our contracts and handbooks with your input, you wouldn’t describe your company as generic, so why use generic contracts? Here at NewtonFirst we make it a priority that your paperwork is truly bespoke, specific and compliant.

Training and Coaching

Our training sessions are focused on the hard skills that management need in order to effectively manage a team or a situation, whereas our coaching sessions are focused on the soft skills that your managers need in order to lead and motivate a team, together they provide your staff with a full and well rounded programme for continuous professional development.

Letter Drafting

We never issue template letters and leave you to complete them yourself, all letters will be fully completed on your behalf and your Mentor will work closely with you to develop your own letter drafting skills over time.

For custom packages please contact us

1st Floor, 8 Elmbank Gardens,
Glasgow, G2 4NQ
+44 (0) 141 345 2475

Meet our amazing team members

James Newton

A successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in recruitment! James founded NewtonFirst Employment Law and HR to fill a gap in the current industry by providing a service that combines good practice and commercially focused advice to businesses.

Stephanie O’Neill

Experienced HR and Employment Law professional with a proven track record in handling all manner of issues. Her career started as a trade union representative before turning to the corporate sector. She has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience which will be of benefit to your organisation as she implements HR strategies and functions tailored to you.

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